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Next Gen Pastor

Posted by: Bill Foss

Posted date: Jan-12-2021

Location: Selinsgrove,PA

Selinsgrove Church of the Nazarene (SCN) is looking to hire an associate pastor that brings a level of experience and energy to our growing team. 

We are currently looking for someone who may have been in Youth Ministry or an equivelant ministry but is looking for an associate role that will have a broader scope of responsibilities. Our Next Gen Pastor will provide senior leadership to our youth director and ministry team. While this position will also bring leadership and vision to our young adult ministry and be responsible to oversee our community life ministries. 

General Guidelines:

            1. Maintain a strong, growing relationship with Jesus through regular                    prayer and Bible study.

            2. Strive at all times to live a life representative of the life Jesus                              modeled.

            3. Be familiar with the SCN purpose, vision, and goals.

 4. Participate as a member of a SCN Ministry Team to support the planning and ongoing implementation of the SCN biblical purpose and vision.

Specific Responsibility Guidelines:

1.             1. Provide Mentoring Leadership to our Student ministry Team

      - Work closely with our Youth Team and Student Minstry Director        to disciple our teenage students. 

                      - Provide administrative leadership to team 

        2.       Develop and maintain discipleship ministry with young adults  

-    Oversee discipleship with Young Adults actively participating in church programming.

-    Make strategic connections with SU students and staff

    -  Facilitate internship program

3. Oversee areas of Community Life

    - 1st Impressions  (Greeting ministry, Assimilation of new people, Follow up, Hospitality)

- Outreach (Community) (Reaching outside of our current church structures to meet needs in the community we are located in. Need to develop new ports of entry for people to connect with the church beyond Sunday Morning Worship.

-       Partner with Children’s Pastor to develop a top-quality Upwards Soccer ministry.

-       Develop and implement community outreach opportunities for various ages and interests

      - Church events/ Activities: Helping those already connected with our church family to go deeper with each other, and to build trust and common purpose. (solid relational ministry opportunities for people to connect and grow. May include but are not limited to ie: Men’s ministry, Women’s ministry, Sr Adults, Young Adults, Parent support, marriage enrichment, sports ministry, etc….)


  4. Assist the Senior Pastor

- Assist the pastor with projects or situations that require pastoral guidance and leadership, to enable pastor to have the most time to be the best at his job.

    - Consult with the pastor on issues, policies, and situations he feels necessary. 

- Be available and prepared to fill in for the Senior Pastor when he is unavailable. This includes, but is not limited to pulpit supply, wedding and funeral services, meetings, and other areas that the pastor feels are necessary. This position is expected to be prepared to preach and teach in any capacity, whenever called upon.

- Provide Pastoral Leadership to Staff directors and other ministry team leaders (Specific areas will be shaped by abilities and experience.)  

 -    Assist the Senior Pastor in other areas, as needed.


a.    Passionate follower of Jesus Christ, having experienced new birth in Christ and the event of personal entire sanctification.

b.    Agrees with and supports the doctrine and policies of the Church of the Nazarene

c.    Committed to Selinsgrove’s vision, mission, core values and strategic initiatives

d.    College education preferred

e.    Team Player, exemplifying a Christ-like attitude of servanthood and teamwork

f.     Self-starter

g.    Possesses gifts commensurate with position

h.    Excellent communication skills 

i.     Organized

j.     Able to work with a wide range of constituents—pastoral staff, volunteer workers, outside contractors, etc.

k.    Lifelong Learner

l.     If married, spouse is encouraging and positive about ministry commitment

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