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Organization Name Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene
Contact Name Nicholas D. Lennon
Position Senior Pastor
Email nlennon@att.net
Telephone (904)220-9870
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Street Address 1249 Girvin Road
City / Town Jacksonville
Province/ State FL
ZIP / Post Code 32225
Country United States
About For Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene, entire sanctification represents a real cleansing, a true grace in this life, which not only covers sin, but conquers it, freeing believers from its bondage, and equipping followers to serve the Kingdom of God in the ministerial fields of the everyday work week. All other doctrines within the Church of the Nazarene find their foundation in entire sanctification. Whether it is emphasizing a deep awareness of sin, the need for repentance, the regenerating power of the New Life (life in the Spirit), and the celebration of Eucharist, all intimately relate to entire sanctification.

Holy living is an important part of Christian stewardship and witness. We commit ourselves to daily avoid the temptation of a worldly and wicked lifestyle. While we recognize that keeping rules will save no one, we understand that ethical conduct is important when it comes to stewardship, discipleship, and witness. Our understanding of Christian Perfection is not one of completion, in that we reach a point of being done, but rather a point of functionality. Are we seeking Gods direction and purpose for our lives; are we functioning the way God intended when God created humanity before the Fall?
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