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Posted by: Philip Smith

Posted date: Oct-01-2020

Location: Goodlettsville, TN

 Pastor of Music and Worship 

Job Description



Job Summary


The Pastor of Music and Worship shall serve as a Program Pastor at GoodNaz and shall fulfill the responsibilities of the minister in the spirit of 1 Timothy 3:2-7.  This pastor is also expected to live in harmony with the general and special rules of the Church of the Nazarene as stated in the Manual: Church of the Nazarene.  Employment shall be for a term of not more than one year, and shall be renewable upon recommendation of the Lead Pastor at the beginning of each fiscal year.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • To coordinate and oversee all aspects of public worship for GoodNaz. To be the Lord's servant for the edification of the congregation, to be responsible to lead the congregational music and direct the band in the 9 AM and 10:30 AM services.
  • To plan, organize, and schedule GoodNaz Worship services and to develop "orders of worship" in consultation with the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor.  To supervise the preparation of the weekly "orders of worship" which are used by pastors, musicians, sound, light and media techs.  It is preferred to work with a Creative Arts Planning Team and/or staff in preparing and planning intentional worship services each week and to use people’ s gifts and the various arts. 
  • To ensure that the style of music is achieved and maintained that will accomplish the vision and mission of the church as outlined by the Lead Pastor.  To plan exciting worship from week to week that moves people to a response and openness to the message and connects their hearts with God.
  • To develop and conduct all rehearsals in preparation for the weekly music needs of GoodNaz and provide a schedule for rehearsal and stage dates.   
  • To provide pastoral care to leaders and workers in this ministry area through devotional times, prayer times, retreat experiences, and other opportunities as available.  To assist with hospital visits and other pastoral calling to members of the music ministry as needed.
  • To be responsible for all technical aspects of public worship services, including supervision of sound, light and media technicians, and to ensure that all media is ready for use.  
  • To provide for proper and routine maintenance and repair, in conjunction with Eric Cornell.  
  • When appropriate, to ensure worship is thematically designed.  
  • To produce and direct musical and/or dramatic presentations at special times of the year as planned on the Master Calendar.  These could include: Christmas, Easter, or other special times.
  • To recruit, audition, train and develop a band to accompany the GoodNaz congregation on a weekly basis.  To develop as many volunteer band members as possible.
  • To develop and submit an annual budget request for all GoodNaz music ministry areas and oversee expenditures in order to maintain budgeting integrity.
  • To work with the creative team in the development of the Lead Pastor’s sermon series and help oversee the stage and set design.  
  • To develop an annual ministry plan with specific measurable goals and strategies to achieve them.
  • To develop job descriptions for each paid and volunteer position in your area of ministry.
  • To develop and keep a correct and up-to-date organizational flow-chart for your ministry area. Expected Professional Standards

    All Pastors of GoodNaz Church are expected to adhere to basic professional standards in light of their position and responsibilities.  At a minimum the following are expected of all staff pastors:


  • Pastors are expected to work a minimum of 45 hours per week, this would include keeping regular office hours that do not interfere with ministry of 8-4 pm. This does not include hours that are considered your personal ministry to the church (i.e. Life Groups, attending worship, teaching).
  • Dress code –Casual is acceptable but everything should look neat and appropriate for a good representation of GoodNaz.  Please refer to the Employee Handbook for a more detailed explanation.
  • As a professional representing GoodNaz Church, all correspondence (including emails and calls) needing a response, are to be answered within 24 hours.
  • In the era of digital footprints, please follow the guidelines regarding social media as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
  • GoodNaz will enforce a zero tolerance on gossip.  This includes listening, receiving and simply getting involved in issues where you are not a part of the problem or solution.  Publicly we defend each fellow staff member and any issues or disagreements are to be addressed privately.  In addition, Biblical standards should be followed.  In today’s society there could be legal ramifications for the church and you personally for gossip.
  • When addressing conflict with another person, make certain that all communication takes place person to person (face to face), via phone at a minimum.  Texting and email can be misconstrued and damaging.  



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    Lead Pastor





    One of the most important aspects of this position is the spiritual character and integrity of the person who fills it.  The Pastor of Music and Worship should also demonstrate administrative skills, be a team leader, possess spiritual sensitivity, and exhibit these qualities in everyday life. The Pastor of Music and Worship acknowledges the responsibility to act in the best interest of GoodNaz Church of the Nazarene at all times, and is expected to conduct his/her private and public life in a manner which will not embarrass the church.  Additionally, all pastors, ministers, and directors are to have an experience of salvation, baptism, and sanctification.  They are to share their faith, promote the spiritual good of the church, serve the community, and express the love of God to those they have contact with.

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    Location Goodlettsville, TN
    District MidSouth
    State/Province Tennessee
    Position Title Pastor of Music & Worship
    Position Classification Worship & Arts
    PositionType Full-time
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    First & Last Name Philip Smith
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