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Family Life Pastor

Posted by: Aaron Lynn

Posted date: Sep-25-2019

Location: Belleville, IL

 Family Life Pastor

Job Description 


The Family Life Pastor will give primary focus to Youth Ministries and give general oversight to all ministries involving children from birth through 12th grade.


Oversight will require seeking, equipping, empowering, and evaluating the ministry leaders for all children’s ministries and outreach (Nursery, Sunday Preschool, Sunday KidCity, and Wednesday evening ministries).


Overall Goal: Coordinate and oversee activities for teens, children, and families that promote fun, fellowship, spiritual development and ministry involvement.


Youth Ministry Expectations


1. Serve as the primary youth speaker, teaching God’s Word in a way that is both relevant to the age and culture of a teen.

2. Develop gifts of youth and offer plenty of opportunities for them to lead in ministry.

3. Motivate youth in doing evangelism both through lifestyle and through planned outreach.

4. Direct and conduct weekly youth meetings, including large group and small group meetings.

5. Set up annual youth mission trips.

6. Project, submit, and track a youth ministry budget.

7. Communicate and promote activities (dates, times, etc.) to youth, congregation, and community through announcements, meetings, church bulletin, social media, mailings, posters, etc.

8. Work with the District on major youth events such as camp, NYI conventions and various denominational events.

9. Establish and maintain healthy relationships with local schools.


Children’s Ministry Expectations


1. Work with ministry leaders to find, recommend, and make available curriculum for children.

2. Provide opportunities for children to lead in ministry.  We believe children are not only our future ministers, but are also called to ministry today.

3. Work with parents of children by helping to provide resources for discipleship at home.

4. Encourage communication between parents, children, and children’s ministry leaders.

5. Work to recruit volunteers to help minister in the children’s ministry (nursery workers, SS teachers, ToddlerTown and KidCity).

6. Be a part of the teaching team on Sunday mornings in KidCity.

7. Organize and/or delegate children events throughout the year (VBS, Back to School Bash).



General Expectations


The following are expectations for all pastoral staff at Belleville First:

1. Maintain regular prayer, study, and serving (spiritual disciplines).

2. Faithfully tithe and generously give.

3. Keep a calendar of events for at least six months in advance.  The calendar should include any events you are planning and also vacation days.  Your calendar can change; the goal here is vision and preparation.

4. Be a team player.

5. Education is a lifestyle.  All staff are expected to keep learning through reading, studying, and continuing education.

6. Mentor up and mentor down.  Have someone who is mentoring you and be a mentor to someone else.

7. Attend staff meetings.

8. Participate in all general church services and functions.

9. Maintain office hours in balance between expectations for a member of the church staff.  Keep staff informed of your schedule.

10. Work with the Belleville First team as needed (preaching, teaching, leading, counseling, discipling, cleaning, whatever it takes).

11. Accountability.  The Family Life Pastor is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor in all matters relating to their ministry and conduct.

12. Keeping receipts - turning in monthly expenses.


Competencies for Family Life Pastor


1. Integrity, humility, and service - Commit to living a life that honors these values.

2. Risk Taker - Don’t be afraid to fail forward.  Take some risks and learn from them.

3. Team Player - We need each other!  

4. Conflict Management - Conflict will happen.  Understand that conflict is natural and healthy at times.  The goal is to effectively work through conflict to optimize outcomes.

5. Drive - Be energetic with a strong desire to achieve.

6. Multitask - The Family Life Pastor will have to oversee several people and ministries at the same time.  The ability to multitask is imperative.

7. Self-Motivated - Be a self starter and willing to give your best.

8. Technology - Technology is a tool to reach people.

9. Relational - Ministry at its best is incarnational.  Be present in people’s lives and invest in others.


Experience & Qualifications


1. At least 3 years of leadership experience.

2. Minimum of a four year college degree preferred.

3. Be ordained or working towards ordination.


Please Provide


1. Resume

2. A picture of you and your family (where applicable).

3. Answer the following questions: 


What is your philosophy of ministry?  





What does faithful ministry look like to you?  





What books have you read in the past six months?  





If known, what is your Enneagram number?




Contact Information: All information can be emailed to alynn@bfcn.org 

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