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Senior/Lead Pastor

Posted by: Rev. Steve Scott

Posted date: Aug-31-2019

Location: Redding, CA

Thank you for your interest in the Senior/Lead Pastor position at Redding First Church. All inquiries are welcome (resumes, profiles, audio/video links, etc.) and may be emailed directly to District Superintendent Rev. Steve Scott at the address listed in this posting. Telephone inquiries are also welcome!

Redding First Church was officially organized in 1946, and has an admirable history of dynamic ministry and outreach in the community. Potential canidates for this position should have: 1) extensive leadership experience as a senior/lead or associate pastor, 2) a minimium of an undergraduate degree in related ministry studies, and 3) be an active Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.

(Due to the limited settings on this job board site, the Position Classification of "Teaching Pastor"
has been indicated, but it should be noted that this is also a Senior/Lead Pastor position.)

The following resources have been provided to inform you further with regards to this position:

1. In July of 2011, the following components were identified as the foundation for a Lead Pastor Job Description at Redding First Church of the Nazarene:

a. Soul Shaper -
staying focused on the ongoing transformation of souls, through prayer, reflection, spiritual disciplines, counseling, teaching and preaching.

b. Theological Reflector -
helping the Church think theologically and reflectively in relationship to the interface of Church and culture, through preaching, Bible study, prayer, and leadership development.

c. Vision Harnesser -
leading the Church through drastic change in very turbulent times, through a listening/discerning ear to the Holy Spirit with other leaders, translating that vision into an understandable paradigm and metaphor which can be enthusiastically embraced by the Church.

d. Business Executor -
including the oversight and final decision making capacity in the areas of finance, facilities management, and all matters related to personnel, and serving as chairperson of the governing board of the local Church.

2. A 2019 congregational survey
included the following responses (all survey responses will be made available to viable candidates in the pastoral search):

a. Suggestions for changes – combine the current two worship service format into one to refresh recent declines in attendance and generate a renewed sense of community; create a new dynamic within small group ministries; revitalize children’s and youth ministries; develop leadership to help engage the church more in the community.

b. Current factors that are valued
– the dedicated approach to preaching God’s Word with clarity and relevance to life; the hospitality within the church community; identifiable settings in which corporate prayer is engaged in by people.

c. The completion of this sentence
– As we move forward into the future as a church, “I hope…
we find new ways to reach out to our neighbors with the love of Jesus; the church leadership becomes passionate about building community within the church; we prayerfully seek God’s direction as a church; that we become a church for people of all ages that know God’s love and become mature in our relationships with him; that we be a church that reaches out to the unbeliever and our lives will draw others to Christ; we will continue to engage the question of what is the true essence of the gospel and how do we come together to support one another in living out the message.”

For more information about Redding First and their community, please go to:


https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Center/Re dding-First-111395215565324/


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Location Redding, CA
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