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Youth Pastor

Posted by: Josh Johnson

Posted date: Aug-26-2019

Location: Newhall

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Job Description 

Youth Pastor

Newhall Church of the Nazarene




The Youth Pastor works for:

All local assistants, paid or unpaid, such as Assistant Pastors, Directors of Christian Education, Directors of Youth work, Directors of Music, and Directors of Weekday Schools, shall be elected by the Church Board, having been nominated by the Pastor.  All nominations must have approval in writing by the District Superintendent, 

who shall respond within 15 days after receipt of the request.

The employment of such assistants shall be for no more than one year and may be renewed upon recommendation of the pastor with the written approval of the District Superintendent and the favorable vote of the Church Board.  The dismissal of such assistants prior to the end of the employment term must be by recommendation of the 

Pastor, approval of the District Superintendent, and the majority vote of the Church 

Board.  (Manual, Church of the Nazarene: section 161)

The Youth Pastor works directly under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, and is amenable to the Church Board.  In addition, the Youth Pastor works in cooperation of the calendar, goal setting for Sunday School Department growth, etc.  


The Youth Pastor will provide a written monthly report to the Senior Pastor which will in-turn be presented to the Church Board.  These reports are due on the first working day of each month and will include, but not be limited to; vision, goals, objectives, statistics, needs, finance and expenditures, teaching objectives, upcoming trips and events, etc.  


Program Requirements and Program Development:

The Youth Pastor will give attention to and assume primary responsibility for all areas of NewNaz Church’s ministry to students.  This will include, but not be limited to developing Sunday School, Mid-week activities, Small Groups, Discipleship, Outreach, Activities, Mission Experiences, Camps, Retreats, etc.  

The Youth Pastor will work to assist students in the development of their Spiritual Formation.  This will include areas such as discipleship and evangelism and will extend to Student Leadership.  Including the development of a Youth Council staffed by students utilizing the General Nazarene Youth International guidelines.

The Youth Pastor will serve as a resource person for families and for students in giving assistance in all areas of family ministries.  Including, but not limited to:  pastoral care and counseling, coordination with Christian College opportunities, etc.

The Youth Pastor will develop a Team approach to youth ministry including the recruitment, development, and screening of all lay staff leaders in Youth Ministry. Don’t think just Youth Ministry, think all church when it comes to helping and working with other team members. 

The Youth Pastor will hold regular Parent Meetings concerning scheduling and development of the Youth Ministry department.  Good communication will be considered an essential part of NewNaz Church’s ministry to families.

Be willing to be trained on Orange Curriculum and utilize and adapt to Youth Group. 

Be a part of the Discipleship Committee (SDMI) meetings. 

Maintain a clean and organized Youth Center. We just remodeled our Youth Center less then a year ago. Be a good steward of the space and equipment. 

Participate in the general NYI for the LA District. Participate in camps and district events as time allows. 

Release a quarterly to semi-annual calendar of Youth events and teachings from Orange to Parents. This will include working up an effective communication system for parents and students on a weekly basis. (Constant Contact and Planning Center are the programs that we use. 


Strategies For Youth Ministries:

The Youth Pastor will be responsible for developing a strategic approach through a broad based program for reaching and teaching youth.  This should include:

Traditional Youth Ministries:  Sundays and Mid-week events

Summer Camping and Retreat experiences

Missions and Cross-cultural events

Creative development of situational specific Youth Ministry ideas


Administrative Expectations:

The Youth Pastor will be expected to show discipline in personal life by maintaining good personal work habits:

Attend and contribute to weekly staff meetings for NewNaz Church 

Maintain regular office hours commensurate with Church Office and 

   Staff Goals, as well as Youth Ministry needs. (We understand that Ministry can pull us in different directions. It’s expected that we keep full open lines of communication with the front office and Senior Pastor.)

Maintain appropriate dress for Youth Ministry functions and all church events. Business casual is acceptable.

Maintain coordinated input for calendaring of activities.

Develop and maintain a Youth Ministry Budget for NewNaz Church

Follow NewNaz Church guidelines for appropriate contact with 

   members of the opposite sex.  Including, but not limited to:


  I will not visit members of the opposite sex alone at home.  If calling, and

      discover a student at home alone, I will not, under any circumstances, enter 

      that home.

  I will not counsel members of the opposite sex alone at the office, and never 

      in rooms without open windows.

  I will not transport members of the opposite sex alone to or from any Church 

      function.  Further, I will ensure that all who are entrusted to my care will 

      have safe transportation to and from the Church if it falls within my purview 

      to do so.  This would include not allowing younger drivers to provide 

      transportation for any student to or from any Church sponsored function.

  I will exercise great care in answering cards and letters from the opposite sex.

  I will make the Church secretary my protective ally at the office.


Scope Of The Ministry:

The department of Youth Ministry for NewNaz Church is to be considered a part of the overall ministry goals and objectives of NewNaz Church.  This will include being asked to cover areas which are not strictly youth ministry responsibilities.  The Youth Pastor will be expected to willingly be involved in any and all areas of ministry responsibility, provided these extras do not conflict with the ability to adequately develop the department of Youth Ministry.

Primarily the Youth Pastor will have responsibility for young people from grade 7th through 12th.

Multiple Staff Ministry at NewNaz Church is not a restrictive ministry.  Everyone covers many areas at many different times.


Preaching schedules:  The primary teaching / preaching schedule of the Church is the responsibility of the Senior Pastor.  However, all ministerial assistants who are on the staff of NEWNAZ CHURCH may be asked to address the congregation on occasion.  These opportunities may be due to special emphasis days, i.e., Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Youth Sundays, etc.  They may include a special series brought by one of the associates, or “fill in” for illness, vacation, etc.  There may be other opportunities for pulpit exposure, all of which are under the discretion of the Senior Pastor.

Off-Site Speaking Engagements:  It is recognized that each of the associates of the Church may have different involvements in off-site speaking engagements.  Each of these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  However, our general position is that the associates miss no more Sundays than an equal number of those they may miss commensurate with their vacation schedules.


Vacation: Vacation time is based on years of service in the Church of the Nazarene. Please see Policy Manual on this. 

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