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Early Childhood Pastor

Posted by: Dr. Brian Thomas

Posted date: Jul-31-2019

Location: Nampa, Idaho

We are looking for an ordained Elder/Deacon from within the Church of the Nazarene that has a Bachelors degree (Masters preferred) in this or a related field and a minimum of 5 years of expereince in childrens ministries. The candidate we are seeking needs to be highly relational, highly organized, and have the ability to mentor and train others in the field.  

Job Description


Early Childhood Pastor Birth-Kindergarten (Full Time)  


Reports to:

Lead Pastor and NFC Leadership Team 


Job Summary: 

 Give direction, inspire hope, pray for, teach, give spiritual guidance and have an open heart that shows compassion to all the NFC Nursery and Preschool children, their families, co-workers, teachers and the Early Childhood leadership.  



On Going

  • Ensure the physical, spiritual well being, safety and security of the children in the Early Childhood department any time they are in our care.
  • Create an atmosphere that represents the love and care of Christ so that the children, teachers, parents and workers all experience His love every time they enter the doors of NFC. 
  • Welcome and embrace all “new additions" to families by encouraging and supporting parents as they embark on the often-overwhelming task of parenting.
  • Support families and extended family units by knowing and being aware of crisis or needs in their lives and come along side to assist and counsel in any way possible.
  • Communicate regularly with early childhood leadership team, teaching staff, coordinators, teens, parent volunteers and paid workers the importance of their ministry and their impact on the lives of the children.
  • Work with the Special Need Director on high needs cases as children and families with special needs/ social-emotional needs are integrated into the life of the church. 
  • Come along side ongoing ministries at NFC. 
  • Recruit, encourage and mentor younger women to carry on the ministry to families at NFC in partnership with Women’s Ministry and Moms Group.  
  • Facilitate our “Project Shoebox" Ministry.
  • Establish “Ministry Safe” practices, making sure we have not missed any steps with the volunteers working with the Early Childhood department. This means making sure all volunteers are “certified” and paper work is completed. 

This Calendar Year

  • Establish “Church Teams” program, making sure we have not missed any steps with the volunteers working with the Early Childhood department. This means making sure all volunteers are “certified” and paper work is completed. 
  • Develop, recruit, and train new and existing leadership in Early Childhood Department 
  • Invest and follow-up with our new families in the early childhood department

Job Duties: 

Early Childhood Leadership Team

  • Oversee and work together with the EC leadership team to evaluate existing EC ministries, cast vision for improving areas of ministry, share concerns and needs of department and individuals. 


 Staffing/ Scheduling  

  • Staffing of all volunteers for the Nursery and Preschool departments for all our Worship Services and Sunday School hour. This requires putting out a detailed rotating schedule for both departments 

Staffing of all Nursery and Preschool teachers for early childhood department 

Training/ Mentoring 

  • Training of nursery Coordinators, existing teachers, new teachers, CMITs, youth volunteers and parent volunteers. This sometimes develops into me mentoring potential leaders or future teachers.
  • Write recommendation letters for scholarships and new jobs for members and teens in our congregation 

Special Needs Program  

  • To continue to develop and support our current “Special Needs” program with encouragement, and new ideas.
  • Work with Katie Wade our “In-House” specialist to train all teachers, volunteers and teens on how to best help our “Special Needs” children and support this program 


  • Develop, oversee, maintain and distribute all curriculum that is used in the EC department.
  • Quarterly- order new curriculum, rotate books and update counter charts  
  • Work with teachers to maintain their rooms (curriculum boards, birthday charts and seasonal décor)  

Recruitment and Development

  • Recruit, interview, appoint and train new teachers 
  • Communicate regularly with all my nursery coordinators, teachers, Early childhood leadership and key volunteers how important and vital the are to the Early Childhood department. This includes sending “thank you” cards or “encouragement” notes to my team, teaching staff, teens and volunteers. 
  • Spend “one-on -one” time with teachers or leadership team over coffee or lunch.  

Facility Maintenance

  • This includes repair, maintenance, and upkeep of all equipment, furnishings. Purchasing of toys, supplies and snacks for both departments. This also includes updating of facilities, check-in and safety systems. 

Supervise Paid Childcare Workers

  • Hire, schedule and supervise all paid positions for “child care” for Bible studies, Wednesday pm, CR and MOMS Group; special services that request childcare. 
  • Prepare and Approve time card sheets for paid employees for bi-monthly pay periods 


  • Hospital visits for new babies, or children that are in hospital 
  • Home visits when a parent tells me about their child asking Jesus into their hearts. I make a house call to talk to child about what that means. I take a special gift so that they remember the significance of this decision. 

Oversee Procedures for Prospective Volunteers and  Paid Workers 

       (This information applies to both volunteers and paid workers)

  • Meet the required 6 month or more attendance at  NFC 
  • Pastor Interview as to “why they want to work with children” 
  • Secure an application from each applicant
  • Read application answers, follow-up on the 3 references for each applicant
  • Take notes of answers from each reference and date of call  
  • Send applicant the “link” to take Ministry Safe training 
  • Get an approved background check 
  • Make final approval for volunteer when check list is completed 
  • Provide paid workers all the necessary “paperwork” required for taxes and direct deposit info  


  • Available to our mothers, parents, teens, and any one that needs someone that will listen to them, often they just need someone to “process” with them.  

MOMS Group 

  • Over see our MOMS Group. Helping them plan for the “next” study subject, arrange their Childcare workers and fulfill their “budget” needs (Women’s Mins Budget)  
  • Help facilitate arrangements for meals for mothers with new babies 

Women’s Ministries

  • Serve as the staff representative on the Women’s Council.  Work with the Women’s Director in managing their budget requests. Submit their requests to Moss Adams for reimbursements 

Wednesday Night Programing 

  • Oversee the Paid staff for nursery on Wednesday evenings from 6:15- 8:15 
  • Coordinate with volunteers the Benson’s Buddies program for pre-kindergarten & Current Kindergarteners. This includes arranging for all the “special guests”, field trips and Shuttle requests
  • Wednesdays Set-up and prepare Preschool area for Benson’s Buddies   

Baby Dedications 

  • Meet with the parents desiring to have their children dedicated to go over what it means to have their child dedicated. Make all the arrangements necessary for the dedication to take place in the services
  • Gather all the information for the dedication certificate, power point, picture of baby for “prayer cards” for each child being dedicated  


Project Shoebox 

  • Oversee all Shoebox communications and details/ supervise the “volunteer coordinators” 
  • Order Shoe boxes for Central, Endeavor, Snake River (partnership with Lakeridge for Endeavor and other church for Snake River) 
  • Help volunteers Coordinate “shoebox- kickoff” & Wrapping party 
  • Oversee Project Shoebox budgets: general and Fund accounts  
  • Coordinate all details with Central School getting # for classroom counts, delivery date, opening party dates 


  • Prepare ornaments for each child in Preschool Dept (pictures for each child) teachers can help with some of prep
  • Christmas Program- work with Children’s Department Christmas director on details and Music for program 
  • Prepare a CD and words for Musical for the children to take home and practice  
  • Help teaching staff prepare rooms for Christmas  

Alabaster boxes 

  • Work with Missions Council on obtaining alabaster boxes to hand out to kids to collect their change.  
  • Prepare kids to take boxes to sanctuary to empty $ in to designated container 
  • Select music for Alabaster Sunday 

Palm Sunday 

  • Palm Sunday Work with Music Teachers to find music for preschoolers singing, copy off words and a CD for the families to practice at home.
  • Order Palm branches (use for Palm Sunday and NGL) 

No Greater Love 

  • Two months before start collecting names of interested paid workers for the week of NGL 
  • Leading up to No Greater Love prepare all necessary signs, timecards, usher cards, room signs, sign-in sheets, snacks & crafts for older kids 
  • Supervise & Provide childcare birth-6yrs (plus cast kids) for dress rehearsal, and all nights of performances (Tue-Sat matinee) 
  • Provide Childcare for 3 Saturday rehearsals leading up to NGL 
  • Provide Wed. Pm NGL childcare / January until NGL 

Kindergarten Graduation

  • Work with Youth Pastor in organizing the Graduation Sunday details
  • Prepare with Age level ministry assistant the Certificates, bookmarks (with pictures) “What I want to be” info and Bibles that each child receives at graduation 
  • Work with Preschool Music directors what songs class will be singing at graduation

Promotion (fall) 

  • Gather information on birthdays and attendance on all children to be promoted to the preschool Dept in August. 
  • Determine new classes based on birthdays and when starting Kindergarten. Call all parents of children with summer birthdays to make sure when child is starting kindergarten 
  • Take pictures of each child for new classes- chalk board pictures 
  • Work with Age level Ministry assistant on printing and merging files for pictures
  • Replace all current classes pictures with new class pictures week before promotion 
  • Print out new class list for each class 
  • Prepare “kid-Check” (Church Teams) format for new classes 

Fall Teachers Orientation

  • Fall teacher’s orientation for all teachers in Early Childhood dept for upcoming year
  • Prepare teachers “Handbook” for each teacher (24) 
  • Hand out calendar for teaching schedule including important dates for Early Childhood dept and church 
  • Do training on “special Needs” children and normal disciplines for classroom behaviors 
  • Prepare and have ready all resources that teachers will need to prepare their classrooms for fall   

Safety Procedures   

  • Once a year Schedule with Pastoral Staff when you we can have a fire drill for Family Life center 
  • Two times a year Schedule with Children’s Pastor when to have a “lock down” drill 
  • Schedule CPR classes for teachers and volunteers in all of Children’s Ministries area every 2 years 


Pastoral Duties for Early Childhood department 

  • Sunday AM services to welcome and greet all children and sure visitors get necessary attention and that “Chaos” is minimal in both Nursery and Preschool departments
  • Develop and maintain Early Childhood department budget 
  • Pray regularly for the children, their families, our church families, community families and our nation. 
  • Recruiting is an on-going process to connect our families, teens and other volunteers  to the importance of engaging them and seeing the significance of giving of themselves in service to others and being a vital part of the body of Christ. 
  • Follow-up and respond regularly to and with e-mail, texts, cards and one on one appointments in keeping communication open with my families
  • Attend Monthly Connections Lunch   

Pastoral Leadership Team 

  • Daily Check-in morning meetings
  • Attend Weekly staff meetings 
  • Attend Quarterly trainings / team building meetings 
  • Support other staff members and come along side them in any way possible in joint projects  
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Location Nampa, Idaho
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Position Title Early Childhood Pastor
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First & Last Name Dr. Brian Thomas
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