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Campus Pastor

Posted by: Bret Ford

Posted date: Jul-22-2019

Location: Piqua, Ohio

 Position Summary:


The Valley Church helps those who “tried” church before and found it irrelevant, discover God and connect with others on the same journey. We are a multiplying, multi-campus congregation pursuing our purpose of making disciples who make disciples and campuses that launch new campuses. We are a sending church, equipping people to go out into the world that desperately needs Jesus.


The Valley Church is seeking a full-time Campus Pastor who is a high-capacity leader desiring to see increasing numbers of changed lives. This person will own the overall responsibility to lead the creation and growth of a new campus within a 15-20 minute drive of the Piqua Campus, after a 2-3-year residency at the Piqua Campus. They must be able to create a culture that aligns with the DNA of The Valley Church and lead their teams to accomplish The Valley’s mission of multiplying disciples and campuses. They will be a “can do” leader who has the humility, the smarts and the will to lead at a high level; identifying leaders, building teams, striving for excellence, solving problems through new learning, and ultimately leading people to realize and reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.            


What you bring:


·       A true Follower of Christ who is passionate about the church and your call to lead others to make disciples. Leads by example.

·       Willingness to take smart risks and do whatever it takes. Committed to continually finding ways to move the mission forward and make the church stronger and more effective

·       A commitment to longevity and perseverance

  • Able to identify, develop and empower leaders, build teams, and delegate ministry effectively.
  • Able to align the campus with the vision and direction given by the Lead Pastor and manage the tension of being one church found in multiple locations.
  • The ability to implement “people and technical systems” that help lead the church’s various teams to be effective in ministry

·       Capable of being part of the preaching team and delivering meaningful, dynamic messages to the campus you lead, and the larger church on occasion.

·       Can lead multiple projects at once and think through complex decisions.

·       Have a high emotional EQ, able to create a warm emotional climate in the church, good with people and difficult situations.

·       Ability to communicate effectively and clearly, both verbally and with written words. Values wordcrafting and understands that word choice really matters

·       College degree (ministry degree preferred) or higher.

·       Minimum of five years related experience in leading at high-levels in a growing church of at least 500 people

·       District Ministerial License (Ordination preferred)



Core Responsibilities:


  • Responsible for the overall success of the campus’ mission of making new disciples (vision, strategy, program development, evaluation, staffing). That’s the metric we care about most. 

·       Determines how the campus will operate to accomplish it’s mission and communicate this effectively to the campus and campus leaders

·       Continually evaluating and developing the campus to ensure its Worship Services, Life Groups, Children’s Ministry & Connections are the priority and are done with excellence.                                                                                                                                                                 

·       Engaged in directional leadership of The Valley Church at a strategic level

·       Develop leaders and teams that do the work of the church at the campus, including recruit, train, develop, equip, value, and care for key ministry team leaders (paid and unpaid)

·       Equip and develop people to multiply themselves through the One-on-One 8-week relational study, called the Journey).

·       Lead the development of an on-going and invitational Life Group community for campus growth and connectedness.

·       Develop giving at the campus to become self-sustaining and oversee campus finances and budget

·       Mentoring future leaders called to ministry through Leadership Development Pipeline (LDP)

·       Lead by example on Sunday mornings, being first there and last to leave, jumping in wherever help is needed, doing whatever it takes to be effective

Pastoral Leadership


  • Provide spiritual leadership to all who attend the campus.
  • Plan life-changing and meaningful worship services that move people to grow in their faith and take next steps in their spiritual journey
  • Provide pastoral care and equip others to provide congregational care
  • Perform marriage ceremonies, baptisms, and funerals as people experience these life events                                                                   



Personal Characteristics:


  • Be a dynamic and effective communicator that reaches a broad audience.
  • Be an effective recruiter of leaders and people for ministry roles.
  • Desire to create a “Deep & Wide” church that is both attractional to those who are far from God and a place of growth for committed Christians to deepen their faith. Create a discipleship process and environments that allows both to grow in their faith together at the campus.
  • Have the ability to embrace and implement a church-wide vision that translates throughout all ministries of the church.
  • Possess the capability of turning strategy into creative execution
  • Possess a teachable and coachable spirit.
  • Comfortable receiving feedback from within a collaborative team.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and awareness of strength and weaknesses.
  • Commitment to the vision, mission, core values, and beliefs of The Valley Church
  • If married, the spouse will have a vested interest in the vision of the church.
  • Desire to celebrate wins consistently with your teams         
  • Alignment with the Wesleyan-Arminian perspective on theology


Our Denominational Affiliation:


The Valley Church is part of the Nazarene Church in Northwest Ohio. You can find more information here: http://nazarene.org/about-nazarenes



Please send the following three items directly to bret.ford@thevalley.church to be considered for this position:


1. Résumé with cover letter

2. Two-minute video introducing yourself, expressing your passion for Jesus and the local church and why you are interested in this role at The Valley Church. (iPhone video is acceptable)

3. Link to a recent video message of you preaching / teaching.


*Incomplete submissions will not be considered


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