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Associate Pastor/Music & Creative Arts

Posted by: Terry Armstrong

Posted date: Feb-11-2019

Location: Mustang


Associate Pastor/Music & Creative Arts Job Description


Position Summary

The Associate Pastor shall be responsible for the music, worship, drama, other arts programming, and technical concerns of our public services.  He/she is to follow the model of ministry given in Ephesians 4:12 – “…to prepare God’s people for works of service…”  Therefore, the Associate Pastor will accomplish this ministry with and through gifted volunteers. The Associate Pastor will provide an atmosphere for artists to develop their talents, their walk with Christ, and their spiritual gifts.



The Associate Pastor reports directly to the Pastor for ministry programming and for all issues related to finances, building use and scheduling, and employment/personnel matters.

  • The Pastor determines the vision for the public services and empowers the Associate Pastor to accomplish it.
  • The Associate Pastor will be evaluated yearly based on this job description.


Vision of our Worship Services

We want the words, creative and intentional to describe the congregational gatherings at Mustang Church of the Nazarene. We worship God with every part of our lives and not just the ‘music’ portion of a congregational service leading up to the message. The Music & Worship Arts position describes the use of the different arts in our congregational worship services. God is God of the past, present, and future. With this in mind, we utilize music and other arts from the past, present, and future. With creativity and intentionality our services will not be limited to one type of music or art. Our services creatively and intentionally create a unified message and refuse to be labeled as ‘contemporary, traditional, blended, or liturgical’. Instead, we are creative and intentional as we plan services to draw people into a relationship where they LOVE Christ and WELCOME others.


Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

1.     Vision – The Associate Pastor carries the privilege and responsibility for casting vision for the development of the Music & Worship Arts Ministry within the overall parameters of the vision for the entire church.

2.     Leadership Development – The Associate Pastor recruits and mentors volunteers in this ministry that have the potential to lead ministries with the Music & Worship Arts area.

3.     Pastoral Care – The Associate Pastor maintains the privilege of overseeing the ‘shepherding’ of the volunteers in the ministry.  Each ministry of the Mustang Church of the Nazarene determines its own strategy for community.  The Associate Pastor provides an atmosphere for the members of Music & Worship Arts ministry to develop in their walk with Christ by understanding the WELCOME in our Mission statement.  All Pastoral Staff work as a part of the overall team in Pastoral Care.  Each staff member is expected to participate in hospital calling.

4.     Programming

·         Programming and leading the corporate services in the life of the church.

·         Working with Children’s and MCN Student Ministries to assist in the development and use of musicians and to assist in AV needs for their ministries.

·         Consulting on a regular basis with Pastor or Staff responsible for the message for input on the orders of service and ongoing development of the services.

·         Directing weekly rehearsals including total responsibility for instrumental music, vocal music, drama, artistic and technical concerns (sound, lighting, projection, video, etc.).

5.     Scheduling and Developing

·         Develop a creative planning team (Worship Arts Committee) to implement the vision for the services with musical, artistic, and visually creative elements.

·         Scheduling, leading, and establishing training for vocal, instrumental, and technical teams for each area with the Music & Worship Arts ministry. 

·         Consider establishing and leading of drama in services and productions

·         Scheduling and giving oversight to existing and the development of additional personnel to handle audio/visual portions of the services.

6.     Communication

·         Participating in weekly staff meetings.

·         Making and communicating schedules for all volunteers

7.     Overseeing larger church productions. Creating events that celebrate life and special holidays utilizing music and worship arts.

8.     Taking responsibility for equipment related to the music/drama/programming of ministry through the Music & Worship Arts department, utilizing the Associate Pastor/AV-IT to assist in this process. This includes:

·         Researching and preparing written proposals regarding needed purchases of sound, lighting, projection and video equipment.

·         Ensuring that technical personnel are adequately trained to operate and maintain equipment. 

9.     Consulting regularly with the Pastor for accountability and input on the music & worship arts ministry and employment matters.

10.  Attending Church Board meetings as requested by Pastor to provide updates on the progress of the Music & Worship Arts Ministry.

11.  Undertaking other assignments as given by the Pastor



Spiritual/Personal Qualifications

1.     A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ that is evidenced by the “Fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23).

2.     Theological compatibility with the Church of the Nazarene.

3.     Enthusiastic support of the mission, vision and values of the Mustang Church of the Nazarene.

4.     Support of the Pastor’s leadership.

5.     Compatibility with the Pastoral staff.

6.     If married, a supportive spouse and family.

7.     Obvious pastoral, leadership and musical gifts.

8.     Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.


Job Qualifications

1.     Ordination or pursuing ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

2.     Education or experience overseeing, directing and leading music, worship and drama ministries.

3.     The ability to provide information, direction and feedback to all constituents (volunteers, pastoral and support staff, Church Board, etc.)


Other Qualifications

1.     The desire to succeed by empowering others to succeed. (Success for the Associate Pastor/Music & Worship Arts is defined by her/his ability in preparing and ushering the congregation into an atmosphere of worship.)

2.     Must be an active, participating, tithing member of the Mustang Church of the Nazarene while employed.


Work Week

Our objective is that the Associate Pastor/Music & Worship Arts works at least 40 hours per week and takes off two days per week when possible.  The work week does not include the public worship services and prep times. (We expect our workers to donate their time and attend services and get ready for those services whether it be preparing a lesson or rehearsing for presentation – full-time pastoral staff should expect to put in approximately 50 hours per week.)



This position requires a complete background check, Resume, and References.


Position Information
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Location Mustang
District Southwest Oklahoma
State/Province Oklahoma
Position Title Associate Pastor/Music & Creative Arts
Position Classification Worship & Arts
PositionType Full-time
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First & Last Name Terry Armstrong
Title Pastor
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