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Posted by: Cameron Dunlop

Posted date: Aug-21-2018

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

About Our Church
Roanoke First Church of the Nazarene is located in the beautiful, mountainous city of Roanoke, Virginia. This is a growing city with a vibrant downtown and diverse population. Established in 1928 and located in the 'Southeast' section of Roanoke, our church has been ministering to the low-income population of this neighborhood for nearly 100 years. While many urban churches moved to the suburbs at some point in their history, Roanoke First has felt the call to remain in the heart of our neighborhood and serve this population. We run a highly-successful daycare with most of our enrollment coming from our own neighborhood. This is a true ministry blessing, as our building is filled with over 100 children every day! Our church has such a sweet spirit and a no-judgement atmosphere that allows for anyone to feel welcomed. This is a historic church, one of the earliest Nazarene churches in the East, and yet it does not feel 'stuck in its ways.' I have served as the Lead Pastor for just over one-year and can wholeheartedly say that our church is looking forward to what God is going to do next.

Job Summary - Part-Time or Full-Time
The Worship Leader/Minister at Roanoke First Church of the Nazarene should be a passionate individual who understands that worship leadership does not merely require musical competency, but a desire and calling to lead people closer to God. Applicants must be comfortable, competent, and content with blending both modern and traditional methods of worship that remain relevant and effective at reaching diverse ages and ethnicities. 

Our context is unique in that we are an urban church in a low-income neighborhood. Due to this unique context applicants must be 'team players' who are willing to involve themselves in multiple ministry areas, with their main focus on worship. This position can be either part-time or full-time depending on the individual's calling, ability, and desire to serve in multiple ministry areas. For the full-time applicant, we are looking for individuals who would be willing to wear 'many hats' potentially including, but not limited to: youth ministry leadership, social media managment, administrative assistant, visitation, young adult ministry, etc. As a part of the interview process applicants could discuss with the Lead Pastor their calling, ability, and desire to serve in these ministry areas.


First and foremost the applicant must be a folower of Jesus Christ.

Must be of upstanding moral character and live a life that exhibits the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Must be called to ministry and pursuing (or willing to begin pursuing) the appropriate licensure within the Church of the Nazarene.

Possess skills and graces for ministry and effective communication.

Technically proficient musically: applicants must be quality musicians who can lead vocally while contributing instrumentally to the worship team.

Applicants must be knowledgable in the areas of technology appropriate to their role. Must be able to manage sound/media technology and be able to advise purchases and install new equipment when necessary.

Must be a team player who will 'get their hands dirty' in daily ministry.

Must love God, love others, and help others love God. This is our mission statement and we ask our pastors, staff, and church members to make this their mission as well.

Live a worshipful life of consistent devotion to God at church, home, and in social settings. Applicants should reflect God to those around them.


May vary depending upon part-time or full-time status and ministry areas in which the applicant will serve.

Prepare weekly worship sets and lead rehearsal for the worshp team: vocalists, band, choir (when applicable), etc.

Coordinate with the Lead Pastor concerning the Order of Worship each week, ensuring that the key principles of the message and Christian belief are illustrated in worship, visual, and sacramental practices.

Train and coordinate a schedule for new volunteers and existing volunteers in the audio/media department.

Lead worship each Sunday both vocally and instrumentally, and facilitate worship in other settings when requested by the Lead Pastor.

Serve as a pastor to the worship team members. In addition to the Lead Pastor, you will lead these individuals in discipleship and spiritual growth efforts.

Keep regular hours and record /submit your daily logs to the office manager.

Applicants who are also involved with youth ministry or the other ministry areas mentioned under 'Job Summary' will discuss responsibilities with the Lead Pastor as a part of the interview process.

Must be willing to be a 'team player' who will tackle any other responsibilities that are deemed necessary by themselves or the Lead Pastor. You must be a hard worker, but in order to avoid 'burn-out', applicants should be willing to communicate with the Lead Pastor when they need to have their load lightened. 

Applicants will love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and will love their neighbors as themselves. This must be evident in the way in which you live your life and lead God's Church.

Finally, all of the above responsibilities will be carried out for one ultimate purpose: to glorify God by the growth of the Kingdom.
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Location Roanoke, Virginia
District Virginia
State/Province Virginia
Position Title Associate Pastor of Worship
Position Classification Worship & Arts
PositionType Part-time or Full-time
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First & Last Name Cameron Dunlop
Title Lead Pastor
Phone (260) 224-4722
Email cdunlop@r1naz.org