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Posted by: Joshua jj Johnson

Posted date: May-01-2018

Location: Santa Clarita, CA


Newhall Church of the Nazarene  

Job Description 

Family Life Pastor


Small Group and Discipleship:


1)Continual resource development.


2) Small group leadership training.


3) Recruit and train new group leaders and facilitators.


4) Regularly attend various small groups.


5) Create effective systems for connecting new families to existing small groups.


6) Facilitate and develop existing ministries into a small group paradigm. 


7) Creatively promote and educate the church about the importance and strategy of the NewNaz small group culture.


8) If a small group is unhealthy develop a plan to create health or take other action. 


9) Work with Pastor on emphasis pushes for Fall and Spring. 


10) Manage “Go” groups which are 4-12 week groups that focus on doing things together. (i.e. crafts, art, hiking, games, handiwork, volleyball, basketball.) 

11) Promote small groups and “GO” groups in church by creating a clear area for sign- ups every week. 


12) Provide over sight to the Stewards and Prayer Ministry. 


13) Work with small group leaders on appropriate curriculum. 


14) Sit on the SDMI education board in order to provide pastoral and spiritual formation oversight.


15) Conduct two services a year that center around the importance of Small Groups. 



  • Provide oversight and direction to “first impression” based ministries. 


2) Ensure that information obtained on weekend services receives the highest level of follow through and follow up.


3) Create systems to effectively connect new families to ministry and service opportunities.


4) Design new system management techniques within our assimilation ministry. 


5) Create effective strategies for marketing and “branding” NewNaz core assimilation statements.


6) Work closely with the Lead Pastor and other creative teams to develop weekend programming.


7) Serve as part of the pastoral team to provide leadership, counseling, “on-call” ministry and overall ministry development.


9) Attend weekly staff meetings and maintain regular office/ministry hours (generally 40-50). 


10) Develop, submit and maintain a yearly assimilation and small group budget with monthly initiative plans and long range strategic development goals.


11) Assist the Lead Pastor in developing comprehensive discipleship methods church wide.



Family Life:



In general, this position will assume responsibility for all areas of Children’s Ministries at Newhall Church – 1st through 6th grade.  This would include recruiting, training, scheduling, and occasionally “retiring” all children’s department volunteers, scheduling of all activities and programs, working with a team of volunteers to ensure a quality children’s ministry program which reinforces the Core Values of Newhall Church, provides for the Spiritual Formation process for children and, (as necessary), education for parents.



To provide quality children’s Spiritual Formation process.  

In addition to traditional Sunday School programming, it is the intent of Newhall Church to foster specific core values of Christianity to children.  To do so entails systematically instilling in children an understanding of God’s love, God’s work, God’s will, and God’s Word. 


1.  Sunday programming:  Review and evaluate ongoing curriculum needs for the Children’s Department.  Work with a team of volunteers to prepare sets of materials and any training necessary to accomplish the objectives. 


2.  Scheduling:  maintain a rigorous recruitment and training of volunteers to ensure that we do not overuse a few:

A.  Children’s Church and Caravans Ministry

B. Assemble a Kids Ministry Leadership Team and meet once a quarter. 

C. Communicate effectively all details to all volunteers for the outreach events that you oversee. (OVER Communicate and Clarify if needed.) 

 D.  Special Events and Activities:  Ensure that the Children’s Department is providing adequate and appropriate children’s activities.


1. Meet the Scriptural requirements for church leadership found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

2. Have a proven track record of successful and dynamic ministry in full time church settings.

3. Have a strong work ethic that produces results and exceeds expectation.

4. Be a dynamic visionary who can effectively communicate the mission and vision of the church and its Lead Pastor; this role provides complete and total support to the Lead Pastor.

5. Be outgoing and highly relational in personality, self-motivated and have a strong work ethic.

6. Have a true servant’s heart and lead from extreme humility.

7. Be in agreement with our statement of beliefs, mission and values.

8. Be highly trained in effective small group strategies including leadership training, resource development and effective methods for connecting new families to existing small groups.

9. Have significant experience as a member of a large staff as well as experience in highly contemporary and dynamic service cultures.

10. Have experience in proven ministry approaches to facilitate the assimilation of new families into various areas of ministry, small groups and serving opportunities as well as experience in developing effective ways to monitor and evaluate assimilation efforts.

11. Experience teaching in large weekend services as well as smaller venues such as leadership training, Bible studies, small groups or outreach events. 

12. Be open to change and the shifting of responsibilities as growth and ministry develop.


Small Groups and Connections Pastor will value:


1. Excellence in all things because excellence honors God and inspires people.


2. An atmosphere of personal growth and development with a willingness to be stretched, molded and sharpened by other staff members and the Lead Pastor.


3. The principles of spiritual authority and submitting one to another.


4. A high energy team environment with partners in ministry who desire to live life together and commit to long term ministry with each other.


5. An atmosphere that is fun, energetic, relational and values clear and open communication.

6. The use of many art forms to express the message of the gospel as our message will never change but our methods must.

7. Making disciples of new believers and challenging growing believers to new levels of leadership.


8. Personal spiritual growth and ministry development.


9. Thinking outside the box and approaching problems and growth challenges with highly creative and unique perspectives.


10. Servant leadership and the willingness to do whatever is needed and whatever it takes at whatever the cost.


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Location Santa Clarita, CA
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Position Title Family Life and Connections Pastor
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