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Posted by: Mrs Stephan

Posted date: Jan-31-2018

Location: Sun Valley AZ


Department: Support Staff

Reporting Relationship: Directly to Executive Director

Location of Job: Campus

Work Schedule: Varies, depending on team schedules. Otherwise, assist maintenance. Other times as needed.

Salary Range: In addition to a monetary salary β housing, utilities, laundry facility and meals (when cafeteria is open) are furnished.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

βΆ Adhering to 1 Timothy 3:2 by living above reproach in all areas of our Christian walk
βΆ Be part of the mission: to educate and disciple students for Christ
βΆ Follow the vision: bringing students in by what they want, and sending them out with what they need
βΆ Hold fast our core values: holiness, teamwork (Phil. 2:4), service (John 13:1-17)
βΆ Prepare work sites, purchase supplies (utilizing existing supplies in inventory), schedule work projects.
βΆ Coordinate scheduling of Work and Witness Teams.
βΆ Assign projects, assess skills, transport if necessary.
βΆ Greet teams, conduct orientation and train and supervise members.
βΆ Meet with Maintenance supervisor, Executive Director, Dorm supervisor about teams, projects, coordination of events
βΆ Supervise work site, supervise use of tools and equipment
βΆ Supervise clean-up and return all tools and equipment to inventory
βΆ See project to completion, including clean-up.
βΆ Keep accurate account of funds, including funds encumbered.
βΆ Supply Leadership/Office with current schedule of teams (including description, finances, skills, project, etc.). Revise frequently.
βΆ Prepare and present semi-annual report to Native American Ministries Board of Directors.
βΆ Perform other duties and assignments as required.
Position Information
Organization Name Only members can view this field.
Location Sun Valley AZ
District Arizona
State/Province Arizona
Position Title Work and Witness Coordinator
Position Classification Compassionate Ministries
PositionType Full-time
Deadline for Applications Mar-15-2018
Contact Information
Contact Preference Calls and Emails are welcome.
First & Last Name Mrs Stephan
Title Administrative Assistant
Phone 928-524-6211
Email Jobs1@naca-az.org