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Posted by: Mrs Stephan

Posted date: Nov-13-2017

Location: Sun Valley AZ

Job Title: Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director/Coach

Department: Academic

Reporting Relationship: Directly to the Administrator

Location of Job: Gym

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, certification preferred.

Salary package: Housing, utilities, laundry facility & meals (when cafeteria is open) plus a monetary compensation determined by certification, experience and education. Please note that student loans can be reduced each year you spend at NACA.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

βΆ Adhering to 1 Timothy 3:2 by living above reproach in all areas of our Christian walk
βΆ Be part of the mission: to educate and disciple students for Christ
βΆ Follow the vision: bringing students in by what they want, and sending them out with what they need
βΆ Hold fast our core values: holiness, teamwork (Phil. 2:4), service (John 13:1-17)
βΆ Teaching our students a biblical worldview through sports
βΆ Organize and implement a balanced physical education program for all grades.
βΆ Administer the Presidential Physical Fitness program annually.
βΆ Organize and coach an athletic program for appropriate grades, including such sports as soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, seeking competition in our league and with reservation schools.
βΆ Attend all in-service training sessions, workshops, teachers meetings scheduled, etc.
βΆ Manage student behavior, giving appropriate consequences firmly and fairly, thereby honoring Proverbs 22:6.
βΆ Maintain accurate student records, grading assignments/tests timely by using Renweb. Notify the administrator of continued struggles by any student.
βΆ Keep track of student eligibility, strongly supporting and following the eligibility requirements.
βΆ Follow Teacher Handbook, utilizing Assertive Discipline appropriately, using classroom management, supporting and implementing all specific regulations and instructions listed, including additional guidelines issued.
βΆ Perform other duties and assignments as required.

Thank you for your interest in the ministry at Native American Christian Academy. We ask that you and your spouse (if you are married) fill out an application. Please go to our web site http://nativeamericanchristianacademy.org/ then click on Help us, then Job Opportunities, then click on Application Packet for Teaching Position in PDF Format. The application can be down loaded or printed. Once you have filled it out, email or mail it to the school. The references should be mailed directly to the school by the people filling them out.
Position Information
Organization Name Only members can view this field.
Location Sun Valley AZ
District Arizona
State/Province Arizona
Position Title Sports Minister - Accepting Application for the 2018-19 School Year
Position Classification Compassionate Ministries
PositionType Full-time
Deadline for Applications Mar-15-2017
Contact Information
Contact Preference Calls and Emails are welcome.
First & Last Name Mrs Stephan
Title Administrative Assistant
Phone 928-524-6211
Email Jobs1@naca-az.org