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Associate Pastor of Student Ministries (Youth)

Posted by: Nick Lennon

Posted date: Oct-24-2017

Location: Jacksonville, FL


Job Description

Position Title:                                    Associate Pastor of Student Ministries (Youth)

Supervisor:                                        Senior Pastor

Position:                                             Part-time


Job Purpose:


The primary responsibility of the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries is to assist the church in developing positive, trusting, relationships with youth and encourage them to walk with Christ.


The youth group (grade 6-12) includes church members (both active and inactive), visitors, and external outreach. It is important that the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries be an integral part of the lives of our youth, demonstrating concern for their wellbeing. As such, it is imperative to build relationships with students and parents at church activities and to spend time with youth at non-church functions, such as school and sporting events.


As this is an Associate Pastor position, the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries will also assist the Senior Pastor in leading the church to the missional calling within our community.


The Associate Pastor of Student Ministries will assist and provide support for the church's ministries in the following ways:


1.      Support and assist the Senior Pastor.

2.      Attend various church leadership team meetings and occasionally local church board meetings.

3.      Embrace the vision and mission of Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene.

4.      Live like Jesus to family, church, community, and are in harmony with the doctrines and polity of the Church of the Nazarene.

5.      Preach and/or teach the Gospel as opportunities are provided.

6.      Help with the administration of the Sacraments: Baptism and the Eucharist.

7.      Periodically participate in visitation with congregational shut-ins, the churched and un-churched in our community.

8.      Periodically will assist with announcements, scripture reading, family prayer time, and altar calls during Sunday Moring Worship.


Candidate Attributes: In order to be effective in this role, the successful candidate will be a growing Christ-follower who possesses many of the following core gifts and passions:


1.      Strategic Communication: Able to work with senior leaders to develop strategies for communicating Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene’s mission, message, and values to the congregation, to visitors, and to our community.

2.      Team Building: A gifted and energetic team-builder who can engage and connect volunteers in using their gifts to participate in the ministry at Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene. Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene already has several lay volunteers working with our youth department. The Associate Pastor of Student Ministries will be working in tandem with those volunteers to see the vision and mission lived out through the youth department.

3.      Organization: A professional who is highly pro-active and comfortable managing multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and organizing priorities.


Key Working Relationships:


1.      Reports directly to the Senior Pastor and works with Senior Leadership of the church in shaping the church’s our overall strategy, messaging, and outreach.

2.      Works directly with the Senior Pastor and leaders of each ministry to define and implement specific public relations and communication strategies and approaches for the youth department.

3.      Recruits, inspires, and leads gifted volunteers in the body of Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene in ministering to those within the youth department.


Qualifications: Ministry responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


1.      Feel a distinct call to student ministries. While this is currently a part-time position the successful candidate will transition into a full-time position as the church is financially able.

2.      Ability to communicate and relate to students with a passion for seeing lives transformed by the revelation of the Gospel.

3.      Ability to lead and develop games, lessons, and events associated with youth activities. Though not a requirement, if the successful candidate expresses a calling to preaching, preaching opportunities will be available.

4.      Related education is required. While a university degree is preferred, it is not a requirement. However, successful candidates will be expected to work with the Florida District Church of the Nazarene towards a Certificate of Ordination if not already attained. If a Certificate of Ordination is already attained, successful candidates will be required to meet the General Church of the Nazarene’s Lifelong Learning Credit expectation (20 hours per year).

5.      Prior experience in youth ministry is not required but preferred.


Working Environment:


This position requires flexibility within the work schedule. We understand that as a part-time position, successful candidates will likely have responsibilities elsewhere (another job, families, etc.), however, it is expected that ten (10) “in-office” hours per week will be committed. The days and timing of these hours are flexible so long as they meet the approval of the Senior Pastor.

Position Information
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Location Jacksonville, FL
District Florida
State/Province Florida
Position Title Associate Pastor of Student Ministries (Youth)
Position Classification Youth
PositionType Part-time or Full-time
Deadline for Applications Nov-24-2017
Contact Information
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First & Last Name Nick Lennon
Title Lead Pastor
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