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Children's Director/Pastor

Posted by: Dan Meek

Posted date: Sep-06-2017

Location: Parkersburg, WV

Broadway Church of the Nazarene

Children’s Director: Ministry Covenant


I.                JOB SUMMARY

The Children’s director will have responsibility for the spiritual and administrative leadership of the Children’s ministry of the church. Children’s ministry exists to transform real children into real followers of Jesus Christ. Responsibility includes helping kindergarten through 5th grade students meet Jesus, know Jesus and serve like Jesus.



The Children’s Director must have a love for God, a love for children, and a passion to see them find God and grow in their relationship with Christ. The Children’s Director must also possess the ability to speak effectively in front of others, listen actively in order create relationship with children and their families. In addition, the following are required


A.        A vibrant and current faith experience making use of the classic spiritual disciplines (prayer fasting scripture, study, tithing etc.) to know Jesus personally.

B.        Whether married or single a lifestyle of modesty and Christian sexuality, and family life. (See Scripture and Manual of the Church of the Nazarene).

C.        Commitment to Broadway’s vision, values. (Meet. Know. Serve)

D.        Commitment to beliefs and fellowship of the global Church of the Nazarene

E.        A Teacher’s philosophy of equipping and making disciples

F.        Commitment to a team approach to ministry

G.        A love for God’s word seen in teaching and personal growth

H.        A relational style of leadership and ministry

I.          A joyful spirit and good sense of humor

J.          The ability to be internally motivated and work without direct supervision.


III.                General RESPONSIBILITIES

A.        Help elementary age children and their parents Meet Jesus, Know Jesus and Serve Like Jesus.

B.        Recruit, train, and encourage a team of volunteer leaders

C.        Engage Christian parents as vital partners, and reach out to parents including those who do not attend Broadway so that whole families can meet and know Jesus.

                   D.        Communicate with the SS superintendent/Pastoral Staff/office manager
                               any needs and information regarding Children’s Ministry including all calendar dates and

E.        Communicate with parents, children and volunteers well in advance about events and schedules and needs for involvement

F.        Relate to the unique needs of Children through conversation, activities and interactive teaching.

G.        Meet regularly for a time of prayer with a group of lay people.

H.        Be prompt at all meetings and events. (This means early for events that the Children’s Director leads.)

I.          Meet monthly with the SS board, and weekly with the Church staff.

J.          Communicate with, encourage and advise Van ministry director (Van Ministry is not a direct responsibility)

K.        Maintain policies for children’s ministry programs

L.        Keep and report accurate attendance records

M.       Make sure building is in order, locked and lights off after all events and ministries.


II.              Specific Responsibilities: Local

A.        Oversee and conduct a Wednesday program with the purpose of helping children meet Jesus. The ministry includes a large number of children whose parents do not attend Broadway.

B.        In connection with the SS board, recruit train and encourage Children’s SS teachers, with the purpose of helping children know Jesus. Children’s director is not responsible to personally teach vacant SS classes. In case of unfilled vacancies classes can be combined.

C.        Oversee and encourage Quizzing directors. (Quizzing is not a direct responsibility)

D.        Help find curriculum and schedule volunteers for Children’s Church with purpose of helping children meet and know Jesus. Children’s director is not to lead or teach in Children’s Church. The Church is full of volunteers who can do this. If we are short of volunteers, it can be Family Sunday. It is healthy for our kids to worship inter-generationally.

E.        Involve older Children in leadership of kid’s ministry so kids have opportunities to serve like Jesus.

F.        Help integrate kids into all Church worship on family worship days.

G.        Participate in or advise for big “meet Jesus” events such as: Princess Party, Dude Party, Annual Musical, Easter Event, Vacation Bible School, Fall Fest etc.

H.        Publicize and recruit for district functions:  Primary camp, Junior Camp, Children’s Retreat

I.          Prepare yearly “asking budget” and oversee expenses for children’s ministry budget.

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Location Parkersburg, WV
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Position Title Children's Director/Pastor
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Deadline for Applications Sep-12-2017
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