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Posted by: Chris Branigan

Posted date: Jul-04-2017

Location: Fort Worth, TX

***We selected "Associate" because there isn't a category for "Other." We're not seeking to fill a position. We're seeking people willing (even if not particularly gifted or qualified in that particular position) to work in whatever position is helpful at the time***

Renovation Community is a church re-start seeking to be as ethnically, racially, culturally, and economically diverse as our neighbhood.. We officially launch Fall 2018. 
We're looking for missionaries willing to walk by faith, serve the poor, embrace cultural diversity, help a new work (began August 2017) reaching Asian Indians, serve in a summer-long day camp and feeding program (www.campfuse.com) help start a computer lab to low-income families, serve refugees and homeless men on the streets, coordinate four other churches and a funeral home that use our space, and help us launch a new church, Renovation Community (www.renovationcommunity.church). 

We're honestly not that interested in your resume. We're not intersted in how much you know. We can help you learn while you're here. 
We're most interested in the level of your faith. Yes, you can learn to walk in faith with us. But if your faith isn't strong before you arrive, your time with us may feel more difficult than you can handle. 
Do you have faith to follow God into tough ministry settings where only God can provide what you need? People told our lead pastor not to take this church because it wouldn't pay enough. Our associate pastor is working full-time this summer at our day camp and feeding program, yet refuses to accept pay from our church. Three college interns gave up paying job opportunities in order to serve with us this summer. Although we do a lot of work with the poor, homeless, and refugees, we refuse to request donations; instead, we rely on God to provide what we need through prayer.

We're not a church many pastoral candidates can handle. One of Renovation Community's core values is "Money comes from God, not people." We walk by faith when it comes to everything about money. If you make pastoral job decisions solely based on money and benefits, this isn't the place for you. 

Before reaching out, please make sure you understand our lead pastor's perspective on walking by faith. He agreed to pastor here knowing the local congregation's salary amount would not be enough to sustain his family. Read about ministry in our setting on his blog: www.chrisbranigan.net and at Facebook.com/chrisbranigan 
Learn about Renovation Community on our church Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4CL5LTY_ 3mmWxIkGMKGew) and at www.renovationcommunity.church
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Location Fort Worth, TX
District West Texas
State/Province Texas
Position Title Launch an ETHNICALLY DIVERSE Church With Us
Position Classification Associate
PositionType Volunteer
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First & Last Name Chris Branigan
Title Lead Pastor
Phone 817-991-6079
Email chris@renovationcommunity.church