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Posted by: Nick Lennon

Posted date: May-26-2017

Location: Jacksonville, FL


Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene:

Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene is a vibrant and growing community located in the East Arlington region of Jacksonville, FL.

Vision Statement:

The church is not a mission, but exists because of God's mission.

Mission Statement:

We understand the word mission in the context of sending or being sent. We understand God to be a missional God, in that God sent the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We strive to be a Christian community of authentic worship understanding mission as derived from the very nature of God. In light of this we understand that mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but rather, it is in light of serving a missional God that the church participates in God’s mission. Therefore we are a sent people.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not solely serve to instruct Christians and strengthen their own faith, but also serves to call non-Christians to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our conviction is that the whole congregation has been invited by God to participate in this mission; every individual with all their gifts and graces belongs to the mission of God’s kingdom.

Job Description:

The primary responsibility of the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries is to assist the church in developing positive, trusting, relationships with youth and encourage them to walk with Christ.

The youth group (grade 6-12) includes church members (both active and inactive), visitors, and external outreach. It is important that the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries be an integral part of the lives of our youth, demonstrating concern for their wellbeing. As such, it is imperative to build relationships with students and parents at church activities and to spend time with youth at non-church functions, such as school and sporting events.

As this is an Associate Pastor position, the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries will also assist the Senior Pastor in leading the church to the missional calling within our community.

Position Information
Organization Name Only members can view this field.
Location Jacksonville, FL
District North Florida
State/Province Florida
Position Title Associate Pastor of Student Ministries
Position Classification Youth
PositionType Part-time
Deadline for Applications Jun-26-2017
Contact Information
Contact Preference Calls and Emails are welcome.
First & Last Name Nick Lennon
Title Lead Pastor
Phone (904)220-9870
Email nlennon@att.net