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Pastor to Children and Families

Posted by: Joe Crosby

Posted date: Feb-28-2017

Location: Camas, Washington

Children’s Pastor 
General Job Description:
We need a children’s pastor who is living committed to Jesus Christ.  This commitment must be clearly evident in lifestyle, attitude, and spiritual desires displayed.  We seek one with a definite God-given call and passion for working with children and their families.  
We seek to employ an individual with a calling to work with children and their families.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to leading and developing children ministry team, organizing and decorating the children ministry space, assisting families with home discipleship, and connecting with outside organizations to improve our impact as a church.
Specific Job Requirements:
Work with and encourage parents and children practically in their faith.
Lead, develop, recruit, and equip children ministry team.
Initiative to improve and grow as a leader.
Passion to see themselves and others grow in their walk with Jesus.
Ability to use technology in order to accomplish ministry objectives.
Communicate with parents and teachers effectively and the ability to teach.
Confident with technology to access and utilize online teaching tools.
Plan and coordinate an effective children’s ministry.
Set goals and priorities to accomplish the mission of the church.
Organized goals, calendars, and methods.
Short Term Goals:
Organize and decorate the children’s wing/classrooms to efficiently and effectively reach our community.
Recruit new and develop all teachers and leaders to maximize impact.
Organize and choose cost effective curriculum.
Begin preparing for larger numbers of children/parents.
Ensure contacts are made and follow up with contacts made at events.
Long Term Goals:
Be prepared for larger numbers of children/parents.
Create a systematic approach to follow up/staying in touch with parents/families.
Ministering effectively to 50-100 students and their families.
Salary Package:
The children’s pastor shall be provided a salary and benefits package that includes the use of the parsonage.  Salary and benefits are reviewed annually by the appointed finance team.  The church shall prepare and provide for the children’s pastor to attend the annual ministers and mates retreat and district assembly.
Hourly Accountability:
Currently the Children’s Pastor shall work at a minimum of 40 hours for the church.  The Children’s Pastor is required to take at least one day of rest (Honoring the Sabbath), but preferably two each week.  There shall be no record keeping of hourly work because of how difficult it would be to keep track of irregular meetings, work schedule, work from office, work from home, etc.
Parsonage Use: 
The Children’s Pastor is given the use of a private residence to live in as if is his/her own.  The relationship shall be similar to a renter living in a rental home.  The minor maintenance is the responsibility of the pastor.  Things that would fit into this category are lightbulbs, furnishings, replacement of keys, mowing grass in fenced-in portion of lawn, or any normal wear and tear.  The current parsonage is furnished, but the pastor is able to replace furnishings with his own as needed.
Major maintenance shall be the responsibility of the church.  Things that would fit into this category are major repairs, replacement of appliances, and updating of home as needed due to age.
The children’s pastor may make cosmetic modifications to the parsonage such as paint, light fixtures, etc.  Major changes need to be presented to the board for general consensus approval with the recommendation of the trustees.
Vacation Time:
Pastor should give notice to the church board as early as possible regarding taking vacation.  The Pastor should arrange for all responsibilities to be cared for while he/she is away.  Conferences, retreats, assemblies, etc. are not considered vacation time.  Paid vacation time off is determined by time served.  See the chart below.
Years of Service Weeks of Vacation
1-2 years 2
3-5 years 3
6-15 years 4
15+ 6
The church will begin discussing preparation for a Sabbatical for associate pastoral staff positions.
Associate Pastor Review:
Every Associate Pastor position is on an annual contract, which is reviewed annually with the option to renew.  In order to ensure the growth and development of our Pastors, the Lead Pastor shall conduct a constructive review at the end of each church year.  The purpose of this review is to give feedback, plus learn how the Associate Pastor is growing in their leadership and effectiveness and/or what areas need improvement.  The goal of the review process is to encourage and develop the pastor to be successful in ministry.  
Submit resumes to joe@camasnazarene.org
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Location Camas, Washington
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