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Posted by: Jason Isaacs

Posted date: Feb-14-2017

Location: Tulsa, Ok

Here is a little about our church vision- 
We have planted a new start church at highway 244 and sheridan in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We officially had our opening on January 10, 2016! New Year, New Start! We have moved into a Nazarene building after it shut down (debt free!). We will totally rebrand the building and the church is called Kaleo Church. Kaleo means called or invited in Greek. The area is very diverse with a White, Hispanic, and African American population. It is full of kids and youth as well as young families but it is a pretty low income area. We feel God leading us to plant a church that breaks down the barriers that separate us. Racially, Socio-economically, Gender, Denomination lines, etc. We want a diverse group of believers in any and all of those areas. Christ should be the one bringing us together and we (the church) seem to be divided as much as anybody else at times. I once heard a quote saying that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in our nation. This is unacceptable and not biblical. There will be every tribe, tongue, and nation in heaven and Jesus taught us to pray his kingdom to earth! Sorry I'm preaching now lol.
So obviously leadership will play a huge part of that one way or another. I am looking for leaders who can come in and really lead. We are VERY outreach focused so you could have the family coming in driving a Lexus and the guy who slept under the bridge last night and smells as such.
Obviously this is very early in the process (1 year in) but we have a great group of committed people coming and a lot of momentum. God is going to do something BIG at Kaleo Church and this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and build a ministry with however he leads you.
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