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Pastor to Youth and Families

Posted by: Mark Hatcher

Posted date: Dec-13-2016

Location: Ava, Missouri

 God has been blessing and growing our youth ministry in amazing ways the last couple of years.  We have the joy and privilege of not only ministering to a growing number of young new families, but also being positioned between two very abundant mission fields full of many unchurched/unsaved youth and their families.  We are committed to taking  bold steps of faith as we make greater and greater investments in this important area of ministry!  Each and every week we touch approximately 40-50 Junior and Senior high with the love of Jesus.  For the past two years we have doubled the number of youth going to camp.  We are looking for a Spirit-filled, hard-working individual who is ready to help us implement the exciting vision and strategy God has given us to make many new disciples for Jesus. 

We are a part of a supernatural move of the Spirit on the Joplin District.  We have been a part of planting two churches over the last 3 years from our church and have seen more than 60 churches planted across our district in that same time.  We are rural church averaging 215 each week in worship.  We are positioned between two communities, with great reach and influence in both.  We are located approximately 1 hour from Springfield and Branson, Missouri.  God is doing an incredible work here and we are excited about the future He is leading us into and the team of staff He is helping us build.  

If you're someone who works well with a dynamic staff, is driven by the mission of making disciples, and demonstrates the call and anointing of God to minister effectively to youth and families, we would love to hear from you.  We are believing in confident faith that God already has hand on the right pastor for just such a time as this.  

Job Description

Youth Pastor Staff Ministry

Ava Highway Church of the Nazarene



To be a minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ to teens and their families leading them into a vital commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, with the goal of becoming fully devoted, life-long disciples of the Lord, who in turn fulfill the call to make disciples!


General Qualifications:

  • A vital, personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and Friend.

  • A call to pastoral ministry from God.

  • Spiritual gifts relevant to the position of ministry

  • A passion for youth and their spiritual lives

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree from a Christian four-year college/university

  • Training in youth ministry and a desire for further growth and training

  • Committed to teamwork and building of healthy relationship with church staff.

  • Committed to living, teaching and support of the doctrines and policies of the Church of the Nazarene, with special consideration to helping students understand, experience and live the holiness of heart and life that makes us distinct as a denomination.


    Essential Duties of Youth Pastor:

  • Plan, organize, and lead Teen activities on Wednesday night, Teen HOME groups on Sunday night and Teen Sunday School class on Sunday Morning.

  • Recruit and train Teen volunteers and parents to assist in Teen activities and small group leadership.

  • Proactively pursue relationships with Teens and their parents outside the formal church structure. Youth Pastor’s work schedule should somewhat mirror Teens availability. (Afternoons and Evenings) Use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is highly encouraged to aid in building these relationships.

  • Identify and meet with NYI council and Teen volunteers. Meetings should take place at least once per quarter.

  • Fully implement our local church strategy of making disciples through the Love, Live, and Serve mission. Help teens to understand the process, how it applies to them, and where they fit in. Help teens to put this into practice by planning outreach and service events.

  • Participate in monthly Church Board meetings. Be prepared to share how the Lord is working in the Teen group and report on needs the Teen Department has.

  • Manage the teen budget and accurately track Teen fundraising accounts.

  • Maintain effective communication and planning with all Church Staff to avoid conflicts with transportation and use of facilities.

  • Set, communicate, and enforce appropriate boundaries for everyone involved in teen ministry. Better to risk hurt feelings than set our ministry up for a fall.

  • Promote, support, and attend whenever possible all district sponsored events and activities.

  • Support the Senior Pastor and Church Staff:

  • Preach/teach in the senior pastor’s absence when called upon

  • Share visitation responsibilities when needed (in home & hospital)

  • Perform counseling and other pastoral duties when necessary (baptisms, funerals, weddings, administering the sacraments)

  • Handling of some administrative duties (mail, e-mail, phones, etc.)

  • Help keep an attentive eye on our facilities (doors needing to be locked/unlocked, AC/Heater turned on/off, lights on/off, any abnormalities, broken/damaged items, resources missing or needing replaced/restocked, etc.)


    Staff Structure and Relationships:


    1. Daily Schedule Daily Schedule – It is important to maintain a routine work schedule. The general church office hours are from 9-5 daily. Work schedules will be approved by the Senior Pastor and then communicated to relevant leaders and volunteers so they can know when you are available.

    ** Although it is important to have a presence in the office and accomplish needed administrative duties, effective ministry is determined more by being accessible to people. With technology, being available is not dependent on being in one location such as a church office. So, it is difficult to attach a number of required hours you must be in the office. Ministry by nature is dynamic and changing and hard to contain to say, a 40-hour week. Therefore, the philosophy that will guide us as a ministry team is “whatever it takes to do the ministry task with excellence and achieve ministry goals.” Sometimes, depending on the task or the person being ministered to, some weeks will be “heavier” than others.

    2. Staff Meetings – Weekly attendance at staff meetings is required, unless an emergency or plans to be absent are approved prior to the meeting. Above all, staff meetings will be a time to seek the anointing of God’s Spirit upon our lives, our families, our ministry, and our church. We will affirm each other’s strengths and successes, while also lovingly challenging each other to improve areas of weakness and to learn from mistakes or failures. Also, come prepared and ready to report on specific ministry activities, goals, challenges, victories and weekly schedule.

    3. Yearly Review -- Staff will have a review meeting with the senior pastor. A self-evaluation will be undertaken by each staff prior to the review to be discussed between the staff member and the senior pastor.

    4. Accountability – Staff will work in harmony with and yet be accountable to the Senior Pastor. They will be held accountable to goals set for Evangelism, Leadership Development and Growth of the ministry. Staff are expected to lead their ministry within the financial boundaries of the budget set by the Church Leadership Team

    5. Attend all regularly scheduled or specially called board meetings

    6. Cooperate fully with other church leaders (paid or lay leaders) for the good of the overall church

    7. Consult senior pastor on all plans, trips, programs, policies, etc. that are being planned/designed, before they are implemented.

    ** All staff are to be available to help wherever needed for the cause of Christ and the advancement of His Church. This may mean at times doing things outside of any formal job description or specific ministry calling. We as pastors and paid staff need to “set the pace” so to speak, in work ethic and passionate involvement in ministry to the larger church. Above all, a humble and joyful servant’s heart and attitude is crucial to the success of the ministry team here at Highway Nazarene. **



    Position Information
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    Location Ava, Missouri
    District Joplin
    State/Province Missouri
    Position Title Pastor to Youth and Families
    Position Classification Youth
    PositionType Full-time
    Deadline for Applications Mar-31-2017
    Contact Information
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    First & Last Name Mark Hatcher
    Title Lead Pastor
    Email highwaynaz@yahoo.com