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Missional/Lifestyle Minister

Posted by: Ryan Scott

Posted date: Nov-15-2016

Location: Middletown, DE

So, none of the required drop-down menus quite do justice to what we've got here.  Bear with me.  I'll have to say up-front, there's no money.  It is a full time position, of course, but it's not one that will support you and your family (and likely won't).

So... if you're still reading:

Middletown Village is a neighborhood of over 1000 households (split between apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and single family dwellings) in the midst of Delaware's fasted growing municipality.  There's a bit of everything in Middletown.  Lots of ethnic, racial, cultural, and economic diversity.  It's a small town that's becoming a micro-urban area with all of the issues and challenges that come with rapid growth (250% population increase over the last decade).

Our neighborhood, Middletown Village, is right in the middle of this change - as a result, it doesn't have the best reputation.  Part of that, I believe, is that despite its size, there is no central meeting place for neighbors to connect and in a town whose growth is coming primarily from wealthy communters (working in Wilmington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC), a neighborhood like ours, with middle class and low income families, get's overlooked.

My wife and I (and our daughter, Eva) have planted ourselves here and have spent four years building relationships, getting to know the local context, and trying to learn what it means to be a part of this town and neighborhood.  We'd like to get another household or two, who are committed to being a gospel presence in Middletown Village, to come and join with us as we seek the places God is at work and join in.

In summer 2016, we incorporated a non-profit, the Middletown Village Community Foundation, to work towards a permanent community center in the neighborhood, where we can host events and create a place for people to connect and serve as a base for community-based programs.

In early 2017, we'll be launching a regular family gathering with a meal and conversation for people who want to be more intentional about living life well in the midst of a supportive community.

We are officially a church plant - with a name and ID number at headquarters and everything (big stuff, I know).  We'll likely never be large.  This is truly a lifestyle commitment and not at all your traditional new church.  But our district is gracious and incredibly supportive and we know this calling will resonate with some out there and God will bring along the right people for Middletown Village.

It would be especially important to have people here who complement my strengths and abilities (we'd love to have people who are outgoing and entrepreneurial and perhaps someone with more confidence in business and finance).

I write some on a blog at http://onemorethingblog.blogspot.com, which might help you get a handle on who I am and how I think (if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not your typical Nazarene pastor).  You can also find me on Facebook (ryanalanscott) or drop me an email - ryanalanscott@gmail.com.

I'd love to talk with anyone (interested or not) about mission and ministry and anything else.
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