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Posted by: Paul Straub

Posted date: Aug-21-2014

Location: Vista, CA

Hope Church of the Nazarene

1755 Thibodo Rd.

Vista, CA 92083




Job Description: Youth Ministry Leader 

The Youth Ministry is for those interested in ministry to Junior High and Hugh School students. This position can develop into a long-term ministry position. Hope is developing a strong group of motivated staff looking to elevate our ministry. You will be responsible for implementing regular and onetime events, aiding in the planning and leading of local evangelistic and ministry efforts, and developing relationships with families, all under the direction and supervision of the pastor. 

Accountabilities for Youth Minister:
Promote a deeper relationship with Jesus through modeling and teaching, increasing the spiritual maturity of those who are a part of the ministry.
Help families disciple by using God's word on a practical level.
Achieve goals of Hope church, doing so in partnership with staff, and volunteers.
Communicate effectively, as needed and as directed, both orally and in writing, to all those connected to the ministry and to the body as a whole.
Aid the minister as directed in coordinating ministry programs by helping identify, recruit, train, and retain talented people to work as part of the ministry.
Display good judgment and delegate to the right people the right responsibilities at the right time.
Help identify the issues and challenges faced by today's families and provide pastoral care for them and for their families.
Personally set an example of loving and serving others while helping provide evangelistic outreach opportunities to youth, their friends, and their families.
Help develop, facilitate, and participate in core Bible teaching curriculum for the families, as needed or as directed.

Specific Responsibilities:
1) Spend regular time in personal Bible study/ devotional to maintain your own spiritual health outside of ministry.
2) Meet regularly with the Hope ministry staff--weekly and individually.
3) Participate in weekly family ministry staff meetings and devotionals (Wednesdays)
4) Meet each week outside of regularly scheduled activities and events.
5) Aid in the planning and implementation of at least one local mission effort.
6) Teaching as directed and as opportunities avail themselves.
7) Participation in most (not all) ministry events throughout the summer.
8) Supporting Hope staff in congregational events and goal achievements.

Our Ministry and Other Tidbits:
Each year, our ministry revolves around a theme that will drive nearly all of our events, our programs, and our educational efforts. One of the primary goals for 2014 is to improve upon methods and current programs in every facet of our ministry. We are constantly striving for improvement to elevate our ministry from where it has been. We can only be perfect because of Jesus, and that is our aim.
It is our hope that the Youth Minister will contribute to the ministry at Hope church in ways that are felt long after the summer is over.

Hope already has a growing ministry, and we want it to stay that way: growing.
Consequently, we see each the Youth Minister as valuable for their ideas, energy, and ability to connect with families.

A ministry stipend will be paid, and ministry expenses will be reimbursed or paid for from the church budget. Like all Hope full-time staff, you will be expected to take one day off per week in addition to Saturday. Down time is important, and you will need it.

You can send your resume to the email address or fax it to us at 760-726-1077, attn.: Paul


1. Youth Camps

2. Surf Camp

3. Saturday Coffee-house Outreach

4. Kids Camp

5. Family Camp

6. Youth Events 
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