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Worship Leader

Posted by: Jay Hawes

Posted date: Aug-19-2014

Location: Commerce City, CO


The Worship Leader will be responsible for leading worship teams and attendees of Faith Venture Church in worship through performance and sharing of music during weekend services and other related events.


Duties & Responsibilities


This position requires 10-12 hours per week, to be paid on a bi-weekly basis.



  • To lead people in worship by engaging the crowd verbally, musically, and visually.

  • Create and maintain a database of current worship songs which accurately reflect the culture and demographic of Faith Venture Church. 
  • Introduce new songs to the congregation on a monthly basis. Stay current. 
  • Design set lists using both scripture and themes as related to the Worship Leader by the Lead Pastor. 
  • Participate in production meetings, yearly series planning meetings, and all other department planning meetings in order to ensure a cohesive, collaborative worship experience on a regular basis. 


  • To work in harmony, follow, and support the Lead Pastor. 
  • To strive to develop a studio level sound quality within our worship band and vocals. 
  • To oversee technical and media support for worship services (sound, lighting, and all media) 
  • To exercise strong work and professional ethics by: 
  • Being on time for all meetings and rehearsals. Never keep staff or volunteers waiting. Notify the appropriate person if you are going to be late. 
  • Be prepared for meetings, rehearsals, and services. This includes preparing your volunteers.
  • Be organized and have a plan for execution of services, meeting and rehearsals. 
  • Meet all deadlines set out for you, including those of the Lead Pastor. 
  • Keep a team player attitude by helping in ministry areas unrelated to your own whenever needed. 
  •  Be productive daily. 
  • Be responsive to all communications by answering emails, text messages, phone calls, etc in a timely manner regardless of who they are from. Expectations are that all communication should be answered within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Follow through on everything you say you will do.  Operate with integrity in all things. 
  • To develop and submit an annual budget request for all Worship Ministry areas and oversee expenditures in order to maintain budgeting integrity. 


  • To recruit, build, stretch, and develop volunteers.  Build significant “spiritual” and personal relationships. This means spending time with them one-on-one. 
  • Staff should develop job descriptions for volunteers. This helps volunteers know what is expected of them and empowers them to excel. 
  • To appoint, develop and oversee leaders of the Worship Arts Team who will be responsible for training, and scheduling team members on a weekly basis:
  • Sound Techs
  • Vocalists
  • Musicians 
  • To host community building events for Worship Ministry team members on a regular basis. 


  • To forecast areas of growth and challenges related to ministry, organization, leadership, and systems; and, put in place an action plan to achieve goals on a daily basis. 
  • To grow in the following areas: personal development, professional development, volunteer development and leadership development.


  • To love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and keep God first in your home. 
  • To grow, develop, and become a student of leadership. 
  • To work in harmony, follow, and support the Lead Pastor. This involves supporting the mission and vision of Faith Venture Church. Ideas, philosophies, and opinions should compliment the current direction God is leading Faith Venture Church. 
  • To maintain a humble spirit and attitude as a musician, vocalist, leader and co-worker. 
  • Maintain a positive, encouraging, and respectful attitude with all volunteers and staff in all communications. 
  • To take time to play hard. We want you to have a healthy home life in Christ Jesus. 
  • This leader must have a love for people that is evident.  
  • The Worship Leader acknowledges the responsibility to act in the best interest of Faith Venture Church at all times, and is expected to conduct his/her private and public life in a manner that will not embarrass the church.  Additionally, all pastors, staff, and directors are to have an experience of salvation, baptism, and sanctification.  They are to share their faith, promote the spiritual good of the church, serve the community, and express the love of God to those they have contact with. 
  • Every Staff Leader should have experienced the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. This experience should have had a transformational impact in the leader’s life and should now flow through their life. Hence, every staff member should be Christ-like. Faith, hope, and love, as well as ALL the fruits of the spirit should be evident in the leader’s life. As a Faith Venture Church representative, it’s imperative that our words and actions are helpful, encouraging, and loving to others. So, it’s very important to maintain a healthy relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 
  •  We also ask every Staff Leader to sustain a teachable spirit and are open to healthy accountability. Faith Venture Church’s prayer is that this position is fulfilling and stretching. It’s also important that every leader is flexible to the shifts and changes that involve church growth strategies. The goal is to help people establish healthy relationships with God. 

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